How to Free Up Your Stuck Thinking eBooks

A simple guide to getting ‘unstuck’ in your life!

In this helpful little book, Harley Street psychotherapist Steve Wichett shares some of his best ways to break free of limiting and self-destructive thought patterns and language.

One by one, he looks at the top 33 ways that people do this, and shows the antidotes – for each and every one!

Steve says:

“Very often clients come to see me with anxiety or depression or hopelessness or self-sabotage or other forms of general ‘stuckness’.

Here are some of the most popular ways that people think when they’re in negative or pessimistic frames of mind.

These are not weak ways of thinking; they’re just the opposite.

They can be strong enough to keep individuals stuck where they don’t want to be.

Sometimes for a very, very long time.”

5-Star Amazon review “Fantastic book. Although a slim-line volume it contains lots of great ideas. I was a bit doubtful as I started the book but have been trying to practice the authors way of thinking and I have found ways to work through any problems now with the help of this little book.”

Content: 80 pages

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Steve has been in private practice for over 20 years, and is a Registered Psychotherapist (MBACP), Clinical Hypnotherapist (NCH, BIH, CNHC) and NLP Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer (SNLP).

He runs busy UK practices in Central London (Harley Street) and Hampshire (Winchester) and enjoys sharing his knowledge with both clients and colleagues.

Articles about his approach and results have appeared in Easy Living, The Times, The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Independant, Holland And Barrett’s Healthy Living, FHM Magazine and many other publications.