Confidence and Relaxation Complete Set

Complete Confidence and Relaxation CD (Cloudy) Cover

ALL of the recordings in the ‘Confidence and Relaxation’ series together in one simple download that allows you to chose which one is best to use at any particular moment, and for the purpose you have in mind.

Each track is set up for you to listen to as a complete recording, or you may skip the introduction section once you have heard it several times and go straight to the hypnotic trance track.

Part One: Confidence and Relaxation 11.33 minutes

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A gentle and effective way to relax both your mind and body, using progressive relaxation suggestions and gentle, soothing background music. An ideal way to relax and re-charge in a spare fifteen minutes. This recording is also used for the start and finish of the following tracks.

Part Two: Confidence and Relaxation Deep Trance 22:40 minutes

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Designed to help you achieve a very deep level of physical relaxation and mental peace, this recording combines an elemental visualisation in a natural outdoor setting with a music track designed to induce a deep state of trance in a short space of time.

Part Three: Confidence and Relaxation Gentle Trance 29:20 minutes

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For a more relaxed experience, this recording uses exactly the same words and suggestions as the Deep Trance, but with much more time allowed to process them. The background audio track is a very gentle and soothing piece of music by Kevin MacLeod.

* Part Four: Confidence and Relaxation Sleep Deeply 22.30 minutes

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This main track is similar to the Deep Trance track shown above, but with different background sounds and has no ‘wake up’ instructions at the end. You will drift into deep and peaceful sleep, rest well, and awake refreshed.

 * Bonus track


In each part, the introduction is a separate track, for ease of listening, and so that you can skip these tracks, if you prefer


Scripts and spoken word by Steve Wichett
Music by composer Kevin MacLeod (Bathed in the Light) and master hypnotist Michael Stevenson (Hypnotic Trancescapes)
Sound engineered by Ben Startup of Valley Studios, and Changeworks Studio

 Copyright © Steve Wichett 2015